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18th June 2018

Candidates Nominated for Oakham South West By-Election

Four people have been nominated as candidates to become a Rutland County Councillor for Oakham South West Ward.

The poll for the Oakham South West by-election will take place on 12th July 2018 between 7am and 10pm and the four candidates nominated are as follows:

  • Richard John Alderman, Independent
  • Chris Brookes, Labour Party
  • Joanna Mary Burrows, Liberal Democrat
  • Patsy Clifton, Conservative Party Candidate

One candidate from each of the major political parties and our Democracy Rutland Independent candidate – Richard J Alderman, who used to own County Squire in Oakham. Party Politics has failed both Oakham and Rutland – you only have to look at the One-Way debacle and the current St George’s Barracks mess to see that. So, if you live in Oakham South-West (basically, The Rivers Estate), you can start to make a difference on the 12th July. Don’t vote for the same old parties yet again and then wonder why nothing changes for the better. Vote for a truly Independent, truly representative Council Chamber.

Start The Change.



22nd May 2018

Councillor Richard Clifton Steps Down

Rutland County Councillor, Richard Clifton (Conservative), has resigned as Ward Member for Oakham South West.


15th March 2018

So, if we assume there’s around 20,000 houses in Rutland and and an 80% uptake of this ‘service’ then that’s a tidy half million pounds extra revenue for RCC on top of the concurrent increase in Council Tax.  That’s something to think about as you avoid the latest outbreak of unfixed potholes!



15th March 2018

Town and County Councillor at the same time?  Conflict of interests, anyone???

Letters 15th March 2


8th March 2018

Adam Lowe elected as new Ward Councillor for Oakham South-East Ward.

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