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17th August 2018

Paul Cummings, Chairman of North Luffenham Parish Council with the latest on SGB and Egerton Gilman on the failure of local politics in Rutland and the need for party politics to be taken out of RCC’s Council Chamber.

.Mercury 17th August 2018.jpg

11th July 2018

Following Theresa May’s Brexit Betrayal, two local East Midlands MPs, Andrew Bridgen and Ben Bradley have shown themselves to be men of integrity like Boris Johnson and David Davis. Bradley resigning as a Conservative Vice-Chair and Bridgen submitting a letter of no confidence to the 1922 Committee. At the end of his piece, Tony Roe, (who covered the Oakham Protest March in December last year), adds the comment that our own MP, Alan Duncan, “shouted to a camera as he went into a meeting, ‘Business As Usual'”… Will Duncan take a principled stand like Bridgen and Bradley? No chance… This is the ‘lifelong Eurosceptic’, who suddenly became a Remainer in the run-up to GE 2015, having read all the signs wrong and who sits resolutely on the fence on our local issues, (Oakham One-Way, St George’s Barracks etc etc). I’m afraid all those in Rutland & Melton that, like me, supported, or have to come to support a fair and clean Brexit, would be foolish to expect a principled stand from that particular quarter…
Fast forward to 06:16 to see Tony Roe’s piece. This will only be available till 6pm today…
10th July 2018
The latest news from Rutland County Council brings the number of Conservatives resigning from Council or Cabinet, for one reason or another, over the last six months to four:
RCC News 20180710


8th July 2018

Richard Flyer 2_1

Richard Flyer2_2


25th June 2018


Flyer 1 Front.jpg

It'sTime For Change!.JPG


18th June 2018

Candidates nominated for Oakham SW By-Election

18th June - Candidates Nominated


22nd May 2018

Councillor Richard Clifton (Oakham South-West) Steps Down

22nd May - Clifton Resigns


19th April 2018

Following on from the discussion about the Scrutiny Panel arbitrarily changing the scope of the remit of the Oakham Task & Finish Group to ‘Oakham Town Centre’ and not ‘Oakham Town’ as had been previously agreed; it’s worth mentioning that at this month’s Full Council Meeting the phrasing used is again ‘Oakham Town’.  OK2WAY advise that they will be directly addressing this attempt to change the scope at T&F Meeting #2 on the 25th April and it is to be hoped that this first attempt to move the goalposts will be stopped in it’s tracks.

Wording from the formal minutes:


A question had been submitted by Mr Cross in accordance with Procedure Rule 30.

Mr Cross asked the following question to the Leader of the Council:

What was the remit given to the chairman of the Oakham Town Task & Finish group, and what was the detail of any contract with the chairman, including amount of remuneration, if any, that the chairman will receive?

Mr Hemsley, Leader provided the following response:

Remit: The Independent Chairman was provided with the following information:

  • There had been a Town Centre Proposal which included the introduction of a One Way System
  • The proposal had been withdrawn following the change of leadership and in anticipation of opposition to the One way system
  • Members were keen to keep momentum on improvements to the town
  • A motion was carried at Full Council on 15 January 2018 for Growth, Infrastructure and Resources Scrutiny Panel to convene a Task and Finish Group to consider the future of Oakham Town – a link to the meeting on 15 January 2018 was provided
  • A draft proposed timetable

Remuneration:  £450 per day (excl. travel and VAT) – Mr Wade allows a day of time per meeting to include; preparation of reports and agenda; liaison with RCC, Group Members and members of the public; pre-meets; information gathering; the meeting itself; and agreement of minutes and communications following meetings. Mr Wade does not charge for travel time (he is based in Cambridge) and limits his travel costs to £44.10 per meeting/visit).

Mr Cross did not ask a supplementary question, but asked for the response to be circulated to members. It was confirmed that the response would be included in the minutes.

Link to full minutes:



6th April 2018

Discover Rutland Video released:


5th April 2018

Donaldson 5th April 2018


Growth, Infrastructure & Resources Scrutiny Panel – 12th April

The next meeting of the Panel charged with reviewing the work of the Oakham Task & Finish Group will take place on the 12th April.  This meeting will precede the second meeting of the T&F Group itself which takes place on the 25th April.  Despite the arguments around the arbitrary change of scope of the T&F Group (from Oakham Town to just the Town Centre) at the previous Scrutiny Panel, there appears to be no mention of this in the documents supplied for this GIR Scrutiny Panel Meeting so it would seem that already the T&F Group are having their wings actively clipped by RCC and steered in the direction that RCC demands…..


BBC – 30th March 

The One Show visits Oakham – Advance to 21 minutes in….



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